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Do you accept my insurance?

We are partnered with several plans and you'd be surprised how many insurances offer acupuncture benefits. We will always need to call your insurance ourselves to verify. Please let us know in advance of your appointment if you plan on using or checking insurance.

Can you help my condition?

Anything pain related be it from condition, long term injury or acute is what most of our patients seek us out for. (Examples: Anxiety, Frozen joints, muscle spasms and inflammation, etc.)
If you have questions about a specific condition feel free to reach out. 

How many visits to get better?

It varies greatly depending on the individual and severity of whats being treated. Some people have immediate relief, acute injuries heal, others have been coming to us for years to manage pain instead of relying on opioids. We are invested in your health and well being, whether that be from us or not. It's our ethical responsibility to make sure you take the right course of action for you. If you don't seem to be getting results, we will advise you of other options outside of our clinic to seek care.

Are the rooms private?

Yes, you will have your own room with a closed door to relax and decompress in. Each room has aroma therapy and a music player that we can set to whatever music you prefer. We offer free tea of many varieties for before and after your treatment. Our clinic uses Zero-Gravity reclining chairs for treatments, unless your back is what is being needled, then you would be lying face down on a standard massage table.

What is Herbal Medicine?

 Coming in variety of forms such as tablets, capsules, powders or extracts; Herbal medicine is for the most part wellness formulas made from medicinal botanicals or plants. Some patients come here exclusively for our formula's, all of which are tailor made to each individual.  The taste varies depending on what is being treated. They could be delightful and sweet! Sometimes they're bitter and eye wincing. Before purchasing, we'd make you aware of what to expect with your formula.

Where do the needles go on the body?

People often get surprised when they say their left elbow hurts, and Josh needles their right leg. It really differs pending on what is being treated. Josh will always explain where he is placing needles and frequently check in between insertions how you are feeling and if there is something we can do to make you more comfortable with the process.

Are the needles sterile?

Absolutely! Any needle inserted is a brand new medical grade stainless steel needle. Straight from its antimicrobial packing to your skin. The insertion areas will be swabbed with alcohol first as well to assure a sterile process. 

Does acupuncture hurt?

The needles are as thick as a strand of hair. At most, in certain areas the pain will be quick and may feel like a cramp, but it doesn't remain that way. Most areas it just feels like a very quick pinch- if anything at all. That being said, some people are more sensitive than others and we will prepare you if we are needling in an area that may hurt. Immediately tell your acupuncturist if a pain is lingering too long so that we may readjust it. 

What are the side effects?

One of the main reasons why acupuncture is so beneficial is because there is virtually no negative side effects. The areas where needles are placed might turn a bit red and might feel a little warm. This goes away in an hour or two but a majority of people don't even experience that to begin with. You might bleed but it won't be much, just some mild spotting. If you have any specific concerns feel free to contact us and ask.

Do I need to wear certain clothes?

Loose fitted clothing. Pants should be able to roll up to the knee, and shirts should expose the elbows. If we treat your back, we provide hospital gowns to wear, along with blankets. 

What if I can't find a babysitter?

So long as your child is able to remain calm, they are more than welcomed here. We provide coloring pages and washable markers. They can come with you in the treatment room.

What age range do you treat?

10 years old is our minimum, a parent or guardian must be present for anyone under 16. Anyone 16-17 will need at least a parents signature for the first appointment. There is no maximum age, we have elevator access but don't provide transition-hoyer services at this time. Our building is wheel chair accessible, with an elevator leading to us on the second floor, as well as a handicap restroom.

Is there evidence for acupuncture?

Studies have shown acupuncture to be effective for the treatment of pain, stress, anxiety, and addiction. Since these findings, acupuncture has become a popular choice of treatment  as we here in the US have seen the problem with opioid addiction which largely started with the over prescribing of pain killers. The US National Library of medicine theorizes efficacy in acupuncture treatment comes down to our nervous system having a general positive response. You can expect to see acupuncture more mainstream now that it's being utilized even in major hospitals and cancer clinics!

How much does treatment cost?

You can review our services and their costs on the "Services" tab of this site. We offer discounts for certain circumstances as well as bulk-purchase options. We accept Cash, Credit/Debit, Written check, and FSA/HSA plans.

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