If you're a new patient to our clinic your first appointment will require a consult where we will collect any necessary information and inquire with you about your history and concerns while compiling a treatment plan tailored to you.-$40


Using stainless steel needles as thin as a hair, special areas of connective tissue are stimulated to effect the the different systems of the body. They will be placed in various locations depending on what the goal of the treatment is. Acupuncture can be used to treat all manner of injury, pain related conditions while also helping to reduce anxiety and depression. -$50

E-Stim Acupuncture

Same as everything stated above: but includes electrical stimulation to the needles placed on your body. This electrical stimulation is a low and completely safe current that can be used to strengthen the effect of standard acupuncture. Usually E-Stim is reserved for musculoskeletal issues and is used in conjunction with motor point and trigger point needling (also known as dry needling). The stimulation is similar to that of a TENS unit, but much more precise. -$60

TDP Heat Therapy

A medical grade lamp that promotes blood circulation using thermo magnetic heat. Relieves pain and inflammation as well as promotes relaxation as it utilizes a fixed mineral plate to aid in the wellness process. -included with any treatments



Popular among athletes, cupping is taking small, round, glass jars and placing them along the back- suctioned to the skin. They can either be static, which means we simply leave them be in position, or they can  glide which we apply medical grade oils to help them move smoothly along the back. Excellent for promoting blood flow, and relieving tension concentrated in the back. -$30 as an add on to an Acupuncture service. 


Facial Rejuvenation

Be it wrinkles, or your face just doesn't feel it's best and you're chasing that glow, we offer facial rejuvenation which is a mix of facial acupuncture and facial cupping to restore collagen and blood flow to the face. Glow can be seen right after, but repairing will take a series of visits. -$90 per visit


Herbal Formulas

Herbal formulas are custom written and vary from patient to patient as they are created for the individual. We offer an extensive herbal pharmacy. After feeling the pulse from both wrists, and hearing any personal concerns you wish to address, we will create a formula just for you with instructions on how to take it at home. Formulas are modified over time as needed to provide maximum benefits. (Price varies depending on what herbs are needed.)

Tui Na​

A unique style of Chinese massage we offer as an optional add on to any service. It involves pinching muscles and pulling them up and pressed back down again to promote circulation and healing. It is sore at first, but can provide more immediate relief results. -$25 as an add on to an Acupuncture service.

Please note: That if your insurance offers members a discount, that discount only applies to the total of your intake appointment.

*The listed rates include a "Pay at Time of Service Discount" for those whose insurance doesn't cover. So long as you pay with Check, Cash, Credit or Debit at the time of your appointment these prices apply to you.

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