Additional 25% off Acupuncture services if you meet any of the following circumstances.

• We're credentialed with your insurance, but your plan doesn't cover Acupuncture. (Credentialed Insurers include: Masshealth,Tufts, Fallon, United, BMC, Harvard Pilgrim, Allways, Aetna, BCBS, Navicare/Ashlink, Cigna, Health New England and Optum.)

• You're a senior, student, active military or veteran.

• You're experiencing financial hardship.

This discount only applies to consultation appointments and follow-up acupuncture appointments. Facial Rejuvenation is not included in this discount.

The following rates are for those paying out of pocket at the time of service, and unable to use health insurance.

Consultation Appointment

Your very first appointment with our clinic be it for acupuncture, facial rejuvenation or starting an herbal regiment will first entail a thorough gathering of history, discussing your goals and compiling a treatment plan tailored to you. The price includes the consultation as well as a same day acupuncture treatment or first course of herbs. 
$95 with 25% discount, $127 without. (Discount does not apply to Facial Rejuvenation or Herbal Consults, only standard acupuncture.)

Follow-up Acupuncture

Enjoy a private room with aromatherapy and your choice of music. Using thin stainless-steel needles, special areas of connective tissue are stimulated to effect the different systems of the body.  Acupuncture can be used to treat all manner of injury and pain related conditions while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety. $65 with 25% discount$87 without.

Optional Added Services

TDP Heat Lamp: A medical grade lamp that promotes blood circulation using thermo-magnetic heat. Relieves pain and inflammation as well as promotes relaxation as it utilizes a fixed mineral plate to aid in the wellness process. 

E-Stim: Providing electrical stimulation to needles at a low current. Used to strengthen the effect of standard acupuncture. Usually E-Stim is reserved for musculoskeletal issues and is used in conjunction with motor point and trigger point needling (also known as dry needling.)

Cupping: The cups can either remain static or can glide along the skin by applying medical grade oils to move smoothly along the back. Excellent for promoting blood flow, and relieving tension concentrated in the back. 

Tui Na: A unique style of Chinese massage that involves pinching, raising, and pressing into certain muscular acupoints. Oscillating between pressure techniques that differ in force and speed.

Facial Rejuvenation

(Presently unavailable due to COVID-19 guidelines. Will update when future Massachusetts reopening phases permit.) Acupuncture can be used to create a more smooth and youthful appearance. Facial Acupuncture helps address not just signs of aging, but overall skin health; unlike invasive injections. Promoting a natural production of collagen and elastin can assist in reducing the appearance of problem areas all around the eyes, face and neck. $90

Herbal Formulas

Bulk Package Discounts

Package of 4 Follow-up Acupuncture appointments

Package of 8 Follow-up
Acupuncture appointments

We offer an extensive herbal pharmacy with a mixture of both pills and granules. Each formula is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and can be modified over time to continue providing maximum benefits.

  Central Acupuncture & Health is a non discriminatory clinic. 
  Serving in the Worcester, MA area for most ages and populations.                                                      (Second Floor of the "Living Earth" Building. Elevator in back.)
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  Owner Lic. ac: Joshua E. Smolkin  & Office Manager: Ariel L. Banks                                                                                         Worcester, MA 01609
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