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Moy Yat Kung Fu

Empowerment you never realized.

Patience is a virtue. You don't bake a cake by throwing the box in the oven. You don't wear a fancy uniform when you're getting mugged either. Our studio is small, but strong and proud. You come wearing the clothes you want and you learn from a pro starting with the basics. This is an art that takes time, precision and dedication. If you're the impatient type that wants to do fancy twirls this isn't the school for you. If you're a hard worker that understands the importance of basics and precision, then you will fit in just fine.

Progress comes with work. It's not about reaching the top, it's about establishing your foundation so you don't come crashing down. Students diligently work their way through each part of the style as taught by Grand master Ip Man, Grand master Moy Yat, Grand master Moy 29, and Sifu Josh. You earn your right to press forward. There are no shortcuts. But there's no shame in mistakes either, we will work with you until you get it right in a supportive class environment. If and when you do reach the top, and finish the styles, you will look back with true satisfaction and pride...
as the Kung Fu becomes ‘your’ Kung Fu. 

Click the blossom below to read more about Grand master Moy Yat.


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