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Clinic and Practitioner History:

Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist, Joshua Smolkin, finished his master's work in June 2011 for Eastern Medicine. After completing school, he jumped right into working at private practices in several clinics with the goal of gaining a variety of early clinical experience.

While working in New York, he studied under Grandmaster Moy29 to embrace the teachings and techniques of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Later Joshua would becoming a full fledged and certified Sifu under Grandmaster Moy29.

In 2013, Joshua returned to Massachusetts to be closer to his family but leaped at the opportunity to increase the breadth of his knowledge in Eastern medicine by becoming an official Doane Associate. This allowed him to accelerate his mastery of both acupuncture and herbal medicine under the teachings of Bob Doane and Jimmy Chang.

Concurrent with being a Doane Associate, Josh worked at a number of busy clinics throughout Massachusetts refining techniques through experience and grabbing the best of methods from each clinic to combine them together and create his own method of healing patients. 


Central Acupuncture and Health opened its doors in 2015 as an Acupuncture Clinic, Herbal Pharmacy, and Kung Fu studio in Worcester, MA. Since then, Licensed Acupuncturist Joshua Smolkin has provided treatments to a wide variety of patient populations with a myriad of different health concerns.

Josh aids in tackling obstacles with patients not just as their practitioner, but their ally. Patients don't feel like a number in our clinic as he invests a great deal of emotional energy into each and every case. With a passionate dedication to giving every encounter his all- we’ve earned our clinic a strong reputation on Google as well as

Patients leave feeling listened to, validated, and having a sense of direction and hope in achieving their health and wellness goals. Many patients have described our clinic as feeling like a second home where they know they will always be warmly welcomed, and at ease from outside stresses as well as confident they are genuinely cared for. No clever-tongue up sales here, and all of our out of pocket prices are listed under the services tab. No hidden fees.

A photograph of Central Acupuncture and Health's only acupuncturist — Joshua Smolkin.

Joshua Smolkin M.S., L.Ac, Dipl.OM, & Sifu

Loves audiobooks, super hero flicks, studying history, playing video games, and an avid tea drinker. Runs the office with his lady and partner, Ariel. 

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Our Philosophy

Firstly, you are a patient, and with that you are equally a human being. You hold your own intricacies and whatever it is that is ailing you likely has its own complexities that may make it challenging to tackle. There are so many people in pain, or suffer from invisible illness and often feel like they fall between the cracks in society of who can get help. We're here for you. We are committed to not giving up so long as you don't. We have confidence in our results, but in the unlikely event we can't help, we promise to offer you guidance on where you can get help. We would never try to push to continue something that isn't working. Our philosophy is empathy, we want you to get better by any means necessary and we will do our best to provide that. 

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