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Eastern Medicine at its finest, but don't take it from us:

"I was seen by Josh at a doctor's recommendation for a work place injury. Josh was incredibly honest regarding his treatment approach and went in to great detail explaining how the treatment would work. His treatment was incredibly effective in decreasing pain as well as increasing mobility. Josh is incredibly approachable and makes sure patients are comfortable and at ease as well as answering any and all questions they may have. I would highly recommend being seen by him for acupuncture to help decrease pain or even anxiety. I had initially been skeptical as to how well acupuncture would work, especially considering my fear of needles, but it really is amazing just how effective the treatment actually is." -Matthew Rudzinski

"After a year and a half of trying everything to relieve my discomfort, Josh has worked with me for 2 weeks and has done wonders for my hip and leg pain. I have tried PT, massage therapy, saw a chiropractor, got trigger point injections and nothing worked. His total focus on giving me relief and not stopping until I had results speaks volumes. He is a competent, caring and most importantly skilled practitioner." -Dottie Labouef

"I started going to Josh about a year ago for right leg sciatica and lower back pain. I had tried other alternatives but nothing seemed to work. After the first visit with Josh my leg pain was reduced. He is very knowledgeable about his profession and is always pleasant and courteous. He really cares about your well being." -Kathryn Roberts

"Simply the best acupuncturist I've ever had. You won't find one who works harder to solve your problems. He's helped me greatly with neck pain. He has a great personality and it is enjoyable to be treated by him." -Clint Galvin

Proud to be in network with the Veteran's Health Administration.
Call or text: 508-530-1883

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